Why Do We Build This Stupa?

  Peace and development are the two most popular topics in the world today. Preserving peace and fighting against wars are the shared wishes and dreams of people around the world.

  Buddhism not only has the most thorough belief in peace but also possesses the most complete and practical methods, as well as the richest experience, in the pursuit of peace. Since Buddhism was established about three thousand years ago, generations of buddhists have not only expressed their earnest desires for peace in words, but also put Buddha’s teachings about peace into practice and worked tirelessly to preserve and promote world peace.

  Stupas represent the mind of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which is to benefit all sentient beings.

  Erecting stupas expresses people’s desire for peace and happiness, turns people’s minds towards virtue, and helps people realize the compassion of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and receive their utmost blessings. After repeated discussions and numerous consultations with many learned practitioners, we decide to follow this Buddhist tradition of building stupas and, by taking advantage of the modern manufacturing techniques, put and consecrate “The Sutra Of The Casket Seal Dharani Of The Secret Body Essence Of All Tathagatas” and “The Mantra of the Casket Seal Dharani” within these stupas. We name them the World Peace and Auspiciousness Stupas, with the sincere hope that the dharma will last long, the world will be peaceful, and people will live happily.

  In this world full of conflicts, we especially need Buddha’s teachings which are imbued with wisdom and compassion.

The teachings of Buddha shine like the sun. Let us keep this truth in the depth of our mind, make an effort to correct our thoughts and behaviors, and devote all the time and energy that we can afford for our common homelands and the eternal peace of human beings.

  We believe that everyone who has heard of or participated in building the World Peace and Auspiciousness Stupa has made sincere aspirations and accumulated a great amount of merit in the past. We also hope that in the near future, people with merit from all over the world will help direct the effort in completion of building these stupas.

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